About The Translation

Novel Summary (Source: My Anime List)

“Help me find my brother Chris. You can help solve anything can’t you?”

Toushirou is a barista working in Tokyo, which has been isolated after it transformed into another realm. One day a mysterious girl who looks exactly like his first love Fleu, who he had been searching continuously for, appears in front of him. However, perhaps because of the fact that she lost her memories, she claims to be Flika, and completely unlike Fleu, has an extremely free spirited personality!?

As someone who also takes up odd jobs, he accepted the request to look for Chris, but in the process discovers the truth behind the identity of the young girl and the Other World.

In order to take back what this young man lost and to retrieve the young girl’s lost memories, the two head towards the center of the Other World!

The Other World, Bar Fantasy begins!!!


Tokyo Barista Team Biographies

Mr_Fwishayyy AvatarTranslator – Mr_Fwishayyy

A small fish who got baited by ND academy and eventually ended up becoming a translator (somehow). Though he still has a long way to go, he hopes to grow up into a big fish like the others (and maybe one day rule the ocean? Who knows?), but for now, he’ll just try to not get eaten and continue churning out translations for all the others in the ocean




Senior Supervisor – Whitesora:

“Who is Whitesora”, you ask? Just some random guy, from some random place. You know, like those useless secondary characters in games.”We want to know more”, you say? Sorry, but there is really nothing more, aside that I like LNs with a school/day-by-day setting; I also completely love Touhou.”There must be something else”? Maybe. Not much to tell the truth: I joined here as an editor with no experience, but I’ll do my best to become a veteran editor; it should be a secret to everybody, but I’m also working on an original LN (even though I’m still far from the end).

I wonder if someday I’ll become a “main character” too?


Mithradates avatarEditor – Mithradates

Yeah, so, I saw a story that I really liked, but it was in terrible form, barely readable.  After that frustration, rather than offering to help edit that translation, I went and started editing for another group (Nanodesu)……clearly the logical solution right?


With this piss-poor reason for joining a translation group, I gladly step onto the battlefield!


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