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Sorry for the late release. I was too caught up in playing pokemon go πŸ˜› (yes it was just released where i live in)

Anyway, here’s order #1-7, enjoy!

Order #1-6

I’m back! To get things back on track, here’s order#1-6, enjoy!

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*sniffle* Hi guys mr_fwishayyy here. I got bit by the flu bug this weekend and because of my schedule (that only lets me translate during weekends) i am unable to upload order #1-6 this week. I’m terribly sorry 😦 *sniffle*

Order #1-5

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Here’s your next order, part 2 of chapter 1. This is where the story begins πŸ™‚

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Hello readers of the deep ocean(if any)! After two months living most of my days in some offshore island in who-knows-where(reception there sucked) and fainting(not really), I’m finally back, this time bringing to you the translation of Tokyo Ikai no Barista. It’s a pretty new series that i felt was interesting and had a lot of potential so…… there you go.

Although there’s a summary and all, it doesn’t really give you the full picture of the story so just jump right in and start reading!

P.S. No this is not the translation of the web novel version of Re:zero and the content was removed because it was licensed by yen press. L-I-C-E-N-S-E-D.


-Mr Fwishyfwish