Order #1-4

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Order #1-4

“I heard that if I were to go to a café called “Strada”, they would help to solve any problems I have, so I came here.”

As Toushirou came down from the second floor holding a first aid kit, Flika, who was sitting at the counter, started talking.

“Strada”, besides being a café, was also an odd job agency.

That being said, it wasn’t on a big enough scale to warrant calling it an alter ego. The cafe just needed some extra work to keep from being shut down. They take on jobs ranging from resolving issues that involve magic users to helping to look for runaway cats, truly the very essence of odd jobs itself.

And of course, the one who runs the entire business was essentially Toushirou himself. Currently, the shop and Toushirou’s income were being sustained by this side job.

Toushirou looked at the girl who gave her name as Flika.

In Tokyo Ikai there is the existence of a group of people known as Magic Users.

However, they weren’t the sort of lawless people who go around destroying things during the day. Though their motives are still unclear, the young girl from just now was a pretty vicious one.

Being chased by a vicious Magic User who could manipulate lightning, her wounds are probably still hurting right now. Even so, she did not look like she was in pain and was even smiling commendably. Even though her smile looks like it was forced, no one could really blame her.

Ageha was the one listening to what she had to say. She was using a wet handkerchief that Toushirou handed to her before he went to get the first aid kit to wipe the surroundings of the wounds.

—Would it be better to prepare a change of clothes for her?

Though he didn’t know where she had run to before winding up here, she did fall onto the floor. The young girl’s clothes were torn here and there, and her beautiful white hair was soiled.


Staring intently at her, Flika looked back with her aquamarine eyes, almost as though she felt a gaze on her.

“Ageha-san, here’s the first aid kit.”

“Ah thanks, Toushirou.”

Those were the words that came out of Toushirou’s mouth as he unconsciously looked away.

—That was a chance for me to talk to her!

As Toushirou cursed himself, Ageha took the first aid kit and began tending to Flika’s wounds.

Although she was covered in wounds, fortunately none of them seemed deep.

The bleeding seemed to have stopped, and he could see her beautiful skin which had been cleaned by the handkerchief. In order to for her wounds to be treated, she took off her coat, exposing her slender upper armscausing Toushirou to gulp.

Ageha’s eyes narrowed sharply.

“Toushirou, a respectable young man shouldn’t peek at a young lady who’s dressing her wounds you know?”


There was a mountain’s worth of things he wanted to ask Flika.

However the one who wasted such an opportunity was no one other than himself. And after what was being said, he had no choice but to leave his seat. Also, if nothing is done about the huge hole in the wall, they wouldn’t be able to reopen the shop.

Toushirou’s shoulders slumped and he then left young girls’ sides.

Nevertheless, the hole was so big that anyone could just walk right through it. They could only use a big plastic sheet to cover it at the moment. It can help to preserve the heating in the room to a certain extent but will probably do nothing against drafts of wind

If a customer were to sit near the window, it might be better to provide them a blanket of some sort.

Shuuya was in tears, calling a construction company to make arrangements for repairs—the rare thing was—he was being worked to the bone. It was because Toushirou wasn’t the one in charge and hence couldn’t make such arrangements on his own.

“……Were you concerned about my wellbeing?”

“I’m the odd job agency’s middleman you see. I help protect my client’s privacy.”

Trying not to look at them, Toushirou tried to eavesdrop on the young girls’ conversation.

—What were they talking about?

Listening into their conversation, he realized that he himself was trying to find any leads about “Her”.

The color of her hair was slightly different. Previously, it was silver tinged with blue, but now, it was as white as powdered snow.

Her expression, the way she talked, was quite different from the girl that Toushirou knew.

Even so, her facial features were the same since the last day he saw her.

Her gorgeous body that could be described as that of a Celtic fairy was also the same.

—Could Flika be a nickname for Fleu?

Even though they had different names, they looked that alike. It will probably be better to try and ask her directly.

However, to start interrogating a young girl who just escaped being chased by a Magic User all of a sudden is being selfish no matter how you look at it. In additional—

—Excuse me……? Have we met somewhere before?—

Just the thought of her saying no made him lose all his courage to even ask her that question.

That one word from just now, pierced through his heart more deeply than even he had imagined.

“Even though it’s an odd job agency with a place of operations, it still needs a middle man?”

“It’s because it’s the other way round. This café has been running a deficit like forever you see. So in order to cover its finances, they started to take on a side jobs. Though, I’ve told them close down the café and concentrate on operating the odd job agency.”

In response to Ageha’s chuckle, Shuuya retorted with a “Shut up” from inside the shop.

“So, what request have you brought with you?”

Upon hearing Ageha’s question, Flika looked towards Toushirou.

“Before that, why am I being stared at by the person over there?”

“Ah, it’s… it’s not like I was staring at you or……”

Though he had only planned to listen in on their conversation, he was unknowingly staring hard at them the whole time.

That being said, rather than being irritated, Flika had a hint of mischief in her eyes. Though it was probably because of that forced smile on her face.

Letting out a sigh as if it can’t be helped, Ageha closed the first aid kit and beckoned Toushirou.

“Toushirou, I’m not impressed by the fact that you haven’t brought out anything to drink even though there’s a customer.”

It seems that she was done treating Flika’s wounds. It was Ageha’s way of saying “If you’re interested we can listen to what she has to say together.”

Toushirou nervously returned to the counter.

“Get me another cup of cocoa, on the double alright?”

—Though it could just simply mean that her cup of cocoa had run dry.

However, finally being able to get close to her, he could not afford to let things remain the way they were. Toushirou mustered up his courage and smiled at Flika.

“Umm, Fl…..ika-san. My name’s Yabuchi Toushirou. You can call me Toushirou. Basically, I’ll be the one taking up your request.”

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