Order #1-6

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Order #1-6

“Before three years ago, there was only one moon in the sky. Magic users didn’t exist then, and there weren’t any places referred to as Ikai (1)”

—Will she believe the fact that she is an amnesiac?—

Said Shuuya as he started talking to Flika, who had a mystified look on her face.

Well, if he was the one to disclose to her that she is an amnesiac, she would probably find it hard to believe him anyway.

However, what was surprising was that Flika did not know why Tokyo Ikai was referred to as Ikai. It could very well be that to her, her life together with her brother was the entire world.

Shuuya tried to fish through his breast pocket, and let out a sigh as he remembered that it wasn’t there.

It was a habit of his whenever he was having a serious conversation. Even though he quit smoking, he was a heavy smoker in the past, giving rise to this habit.

“No one knew what happened that day, but in the middle of Tokyo a hole opened. It was a hole that was connected to an Ikai, an inexplicable place.”

The hole that opened wasn’t something physical like a crater.

It could only be described as a “hole”; it was a distortion in space. From afar, it looked like a dark shimmer in the air. If you try to get close to it, you’ll return to where you came from before you can even realize it. It could have been some sort of mirage.

“And, some sort of mist was spewing out from that ‘hole’ and anyone who came into contact with it would lose “something” regardless of who you were. By “something”, it could be your arms or legs, or it could not be part of you but your relatives or a certain object, various things. ……Inside it, far from losing ‘something’, there were those who melted out of existence.”

His voice was tinged with forlornness, far from his usual laziness.

To Toushirou, it wasn’t something foreign.

On that day, Toushirou’s parents were swallowed by the mist and disappeared just like that.

“She” too disappeared on that same day.

Those were the two things Toushirou lost in the Ikai.

—Even so, it’s not as if I saw Fleu disappear.

Unlike his parents, there was no proof that “she” disappeared in the mist.

That’s why, even now, he’s still chasing after her.

The young girl who shared the same face as “her”, was strangely listening attentively to Shuuya.

Shuuya stepped away from the sink and opened the curtains next to the counter. In the east, looking through the window, you could see a street lined with buildings, and a huge wall that cut straight through it.

It was a tall and thick wall, with the color of dull metal.

“Even those outside, can probably sense that the mist and the ‘hole’ are bad news. The strange thing about this country that is said to be indecisive is that they used the wall to isolate those towns that have been surrounded by the mist.”

After a few months, the mist cleared up. But far from tearing down the wall, they reinforced it, making it even stronger, and continued to trap the people inside it.

At first, it was just a fence. It was rebuilt with concrete and a steel frame, and finally reinforced with steel.

“In the end, that decision was ultimately correct because out of those who came into contact with the mist, those called magic users started appearing in large numbers.”

Up till now, one can hardly tell the difference between a magic user and one who is not. Though the greater the things you lose, the easier it is for you to become a magic user.

Currently, even with magic users endowed with offensive magic, destroying the wall is near impossible.

“After that, another moon appeared in the sky, and this town became known as Tokyo Ikai.”

Shuuya looked at Flika once again.

“Hey, missy. You lost your memories three years ago didn’t you?”


The things that you lose when you come into contact with the mist weren’t purely tangible things. There were cases where it was things like one’s sight or voice. One could see it from a perspective whereby the thing Flika lost was her “Memories”.

—That’s why she doesn’t remember anything about me.

For her to not remember him, was unbearably sad and anguishing.

However, there should also be proof that Flika is “her”.

The Toushirou’s eye started to well up and he fought back his tears.

“In other words missy, it’s proof that you have those ‘qualities’ isn’t it?”

“Qualities? By that you mean……?”

Seeing Flika tilt her head in puzzlement, Shuuya spoke as if he would not stand for her avoiding the question.

“Missy, what type of magic do you use?”

Upon hearing those words, Flika looked at him, eyes filled with astonishment and laughed.

“What are you talking about? Isn’t there no such thing as magic?”

As soon as Shuuya heard those words that made him doubt her sanity, his jaw dropped in shock.

“Didn’t I just explain to you the reason behind the existence of magic users?”

“By magic users, you’re referring to people like the one just now, attacking me with those strange weapons right? Although I think they are free to call themselves whatever they want, when you tell that magic actually exists, it’s a little……”

Seeing her face turn pale, Shuuya was nearly moved to tears.

“Didn’t that magic user from just now use magic on you?”

“It was that crackling thing wasn’t it? Wasn’t it a new stun gun model or something? My brother told me that such things actually existed.”

“There’s no way that there’d be a stun gun like that.”

“Even if you say that, I don’t have any memories nor do I have proof that such things do not exist, so I’d like to believe in what my brother said.”

“Why the hell is your brother so hard headed?”

Shouted Shuuya as he squatted down.

“God damn it. Even though someone’s trying to talk to you seriously for once…… this is why I hate working.”

“This is completely unrelated to why you have to work isn’t it?”

Though he can’t say that that he doesn’t empathize with Shuuya, it doesn’t change the fact that, fundamentally Shuuya is a useless person.

Toushirou strictly pointed it out.

“Well, magic is not the topic of discussion right now. Besides……”

Toushirou was eyes were fixated on Flika

“You, really don’t remember anything about me do you?”

“I said the same thing just now but, Toushirou, have I met you before?”

Flika sounded very business-like and sounded as if she was rejecting him.

It was almost as if, she did not want to know about her past.

—If she doesn’t have her memories, doesn’t it make sense for her to want to know more about her past?

As he thought, he realized that the opposite was also possible.

—There could also be the case where she doesn’t want to recall.

Toushirou only knew the Fleu in the hospital.

He had literally no idea what had happened outside of the hospital.

It was surely something that would not do Toushirou any good digging it up just because of his curiosity.

—I want her to remember me.

Even though he thought like that, if Flika doesn’t want to remember her past, it would probably be selfish of him to expect it from her.

—In the first place, he still doesn’t have the proof to show that Flika is actually Fleu.

After being torn apart in that brief moment, Toushirou shook his head.

“Never mind, let us get back to your request. You came here wanting us to look for your brother right?”

At least, he wanted to settle her request before questioning her. Because to her who lost her memories, her brother was more than just her next of kin, he was probably her emotional pillar of support.

Somehow, Flika’s face was filled with relief.

This time, unlike her forced smile up till now, he saw it as her true feelings, and Toushirou believed that his decision was the right one.

“Well then, could you tell me more about your brother?”

“Yes…… though that being said, his appearance is more or less what I described to you just now.”

“For example, what does your brother usually do, or where you think he might be heading to.”

Looking down as if she was struggling to recall, Flika clapped her hands together.

“I can’t think of any places but usually he deals with guns and the likes.”

Upon hearing that, Toushirou tilted his head in confusion.

“Guns…..? By guns are you referring to like, firearms?”

“Yes. And he seemed pretty skilled at handling it.”

“Wait hold on a sec. Why is he holding onto something like gun?”

“……? Isn’t that normal?”

“Even though it’s Tokyo Ikai, it’s still part of Japan, so you can’t get guns through normal means.”

Somehow, it seems that what is common sense to Flika was only from the three years she had spent together with her brother. It appears that she herself does not realize that it was abnormal.

Then, he recalled the envelope she had on her.

—Regardless, to leave behind such a huge sum of money, could his occupation be something dangerous?

Flika whispered, her face filled with curiosity.

“Then, does that mean that a terrorist is not a normal occupation?”


Hearing this, not just Toushirou, even Shuuya’s and Ageha’s eyes widened.

“Terrorist……? Your brother, is a terrorist?”

“That’s what he said himself.”

—So this is the reason she was being chased by magic users……!

What Flika said wasn’t Yakuza or Mafia, but terrorist.

Even though both the Yakuza and Mafia also possessed firearms, it is merely a method. To them, disputes between different factions were just part of what they did, not what they aimed to do. This is because they do not resort to arms where there isn’t a need to.

However, to terrorists, subversive activities weren’t just part of what they did, they were their very objective. Through destruction, they assert their existence. It was a concept that could easily be called the enemy of the world.

Shuuya quickly distanced himself from Toushirou.

Then, he mimicked Toushirou’s voice and said

Shuuya-san, you wouldn’t mind if I took up this job would you? ……Mmm, Toushirou, I understand how you feel, so this time I will not involve myself with any of this.”

“You don’t even involve yourself in anything normally.”

“Toushirou, regarding this request, I think I will be of little help.”

“What are you saying Ageha-san?”

Watching this little exchange, Flika’s shoulders drooped slightly.

“Ahaha…… I’m sorry. It’s a hindrance isn’t it? I’ll, look for my brother myself.”


Although Flika was laughing, her face only seemed as if she was trying to hold back her tears, and as expected, pricked the consciousness of Shuuya and Ageha.

As Flika stood up, Toushirou quickly grabbed hold of her arm.

“Wait, please. I said that I would take up your request.”


Flika turned around with a surprised look on her face—…… From her pocket, something fell out.

What made a dangerous sounding thud was a dull clump of metal. Its size was roughly that of one’s palm, and looked like an egg. Toushirou remembered that he had seen something similar before. When he was a child, he often saw this on the shelves of toy stores.

It was a hand grenade.

Translator’s Notes
(1) Means Other world

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