Order #2-1

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Order #2-1

Order 2: Magic Users dance at the Soirée

“In the end, there were really nice people……”

Muttered Flika to herself as she let the shower run over her head.

This was the second floor of Strada.

Although she managed to get her guns and coat back, she did not run away like this afternoon but stayed over temporarily. Her brother wandered about the various places of Tokyo Ikai and did not stay in any particular place. It was extremely rare for them to stay in once place for more than a month, and it also meant that Flika didn’t have a place to truly call home. When asked by Toushirou about where she had come from, she carelessly let slip an honest answer.

Following that, she was told that it was alright for her to stay over at the shop.

The second floor of “Strada” had been converted into a living space. This is where Shuuya and Toushirou lived, and it so happened that there was an empty room Thankfully it even had a bed and was locked from the inside, which they decided to lend to her.

She was told to go take a shower or something before supper and was now in the bathroom doing exactly just that.

She had been going round and round from place to place today and even her hair was dirty. For that, she was really thankful.

The droplets of water that trickled from her head flowed down from her chin to the scruff of her neck and continued to trace her collar bone as it slid down to her bosom, caressing her small navel before dripping down to her thighs.

Her skin was like glassy white porcelain.

On top of that, the wounds that she was supposedly inflicted with were nowhere to be seen. Cuts, grazes, burns; even though they were not life threatening injuries, it should have had been painful enough to damage her skin.

Wiping the foggy mirror with the palm of her hand, her face was reflected in it.

Her face that was reflected in the mirror, showed no signs of emotion.

Then, she mumbled to herself.

“Red, blue……how does everyone see it?”

Flika did not clearly understand what “Color” was.

That being said, it wasn’t as if everything that she saw was grey in color.

She could recognize things that are of different colors, but it was as if everything is blurry and shrouded in mist, she could not explain in what way they were different.

Most likely, her optic nerves can discern between the colors, and send the signals to the synapse. However, somewhere before it reaches the brain or perhaps Flika’s consciousness itself is unable to interpret it, she becomes unable to recognize the colors.

According to what her brother said, after losing her memories, she probably could have very well became unable to have an actual sense of reality.

Which is why, even if she was being told something is red or blue, she will be unable to respond.

Which is why, she could only feel that the world is that of a distant scenery.

Which is why, Flika is unable to show any emotion.

Three years ago, when Tokyo was transformed into a completely different realm, the streets were shrouded in mist. The world that Flika is able to see, is one where that mist still lingers even up till this day.

And time could have very well stopped three years ago.

She tried to lift up the edges of her mouth with her index fingers.

She, who was reflected in the mirror, was certainly able to make an expression like that of a smile.

—Please smile at the very least—

Leaving her with those words, her brother vanished.

He was probably fed up with Flika who was unable to smile.

This was why Flika started to “act” like she was smiling.

“But, something’s different indeed……”

She thought that recently, she was able to make the shape of smile without using her fingers.

However, although it was something that the customers pointed out, she felt that there was something fundamentally different between her smile and that of Toushirou’s, Ageha’s and the shop’s customers’.

However, even though she felt something different, she could not tell what.

“Toushirou-kun, seemed to know about me……”

She really did not remember anything about him.

Nevertheless, it seemed that Toushirou knew the Flika before she lost her memories.

“He didn’t try to ask me all sorts of questions, so he must probably be a nice person.”

He probably really wanted to ask about Flika’s past. It was to the point where even Flika could tell just by looking.

Regardless, Toushirou did not do so.

He did not pressure Flika about her past.

Showing such concern, she felt thankful and grateful.

She even felt sorry.

“What makes Toushirou-kun happy I wonder……?”

Muttering to herself, she let out a small sigh.

“Onii-san. Did you even know all about Toushirou and made me come here?

—When you run into any trouble, rely on “Strada”—

Amongst the things that her brother left behind, there was this note with that written on it.

Although it took quite a bit of time to find the place, she had finally reached it.

In the end, what did her brother want her to do?

Or was it because he had simply lost interest and cast her aside?

In this one month, she kept asking herself that, but the answer never came.

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