Order #2-2

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Order #2-2

“Toushirou…… Are you able to cook anything other than bean sprouts?”

“If you have a problem please at least fork out the living expenses because even these are being bought with the money I got from the odd job agency.”

In the living room of Strada’s second floor, Toushirou and Shuuya were bickering with each other.

Being laid on the table, were fried beansprouts, pickled beansprouts, and miso soup with bean sprouts. It wasn’t as if he did not understand Shuuya’s desire to complain, but in the first place, it was because Shuuya did not properly issue him his pay.

However, the reason why Toushirou did not leave this place was because Shuuya did not ask for rent. Reason being it was a pain in the ass to calculate, including the utilities.

Although he was essentially working for free in the coffee shop, he was given some benefits that barely made up for it. ……Yes, Toushirou made himself accept it.

As the two of them were bickering, Flika returned.

“It sort of smells nice.”

“It’s just the stench of bean sprouts.”

“I told you to give me a salary that would allow me to buy an ingredient other than beansprouts.”

As the two of them started to break into a tussle, Flika let out an empty laugh.

“Thank you very much for the bath.”

Even though it was her usual fake smile with her eyes half-closed, looking at the young girl who interrupted them with a quick bow, both Toushirou and Shuuya froze.

Flika, who did not bring a change of clothes, was wearing one of Toushirou’s shirts.

He had intended to lend her something clean, but naturally it seemed that it was too big for her. The sleeves were in excess, and it completely covered her hands.

Although that wasn’t a problem, you could see her pale bare legs just beneath the shirt.

Regardless of the fact that there was heating in the living room……no, that wasn’t the problem. As a young girl, it wasn’t an outfit she should be walking around in.

“Why did you come here without putting on any shorts?”

“Oh? They were too big so they just fell off.”

The young girl tilted her head with a smile lacking any emotion. With that gesture, her hair slid down her shoulders to her chest.

It seems that her hair was somehow not properly dried. The droplets of water trickling down her long hair dampened her shirt.

The blot spread slowly, revealing her bare skin, even to the point where he could see a pink tip.

He gulped unconsciously—Toushirou stepped in front of Shuuya, hiding Flika from his line of sight. He was probably able to somehow conceal Flika before she came into his field of view.

However, he could not conceal her entire body.

Gazing at her pale thighs, Shuuya stroked his chin and muttered deeply.

“I’m not sure how to put this, but you sure have some lewd—Hiiug”

Shuuya nodded with a serious expression on his face, to which Toushirou thrust both of his fingers into his eyes.

Toushirou then covered his face and said,

“Please go and dry your hair properly. Your outfit is becoming dangerous.”

“……? Is there something wrong?”

It didn’t seem like she was joking around like in the afternoon.

Tilting her head in puzzlement, she spread out both her hands and looked down at herself. The troubling thing was that it seemed that she herself did not understand how carelessly she was dressed.

“Just come here! Even just putting on a towel should make a difference.”

Pulling Flika along by her hand, they returned to the bathroom where he took out a huge towel and put in around the young girl’s shoulders.

It was probably the shampoo’s fragrance, a light, sweet smell, which tickled his nose.

—This is bad. This girl, she’s probably defenseless.

Was it really okay to let her stay over at “Strada”? Even though both Toushirou and Shuuya were guys.

First off, he lent her a belt, got her to wear some pants, and then was somehow able to have his meal.

“Kwah! This miso soup has gone cold!”

“If you have a problem, go do it yourself.”

Even though it was the fault of Flika who just came out of the bath, it was true that the food had turned cold. However, he felt that it would not be right to blame Flika because of that, so in the end, he could only direct his criticisms towards Shuuya.

“Missy, say something. Like what should we do with such a person in charge of our food?”

“I…don’t dislike it though. Is it not delicious?”

“If it isn’t nice just say so. We’re a restaurant after all.”

“Ahaha, I can’t really tell.”

Listening to this exchange, Toushirou tilted his head in bewilderment.

—Did she just let out something disturbing?

Judging from the way she spoke, doesn’t it make it seem that she doesn’t really understand the taste of food?

In the afternoon, she too said something about not recognizing the colors of the plates.

It could be that, other that losing her memory, she might have lost something else as well.

—It’d be better to hurry and find her brother.

……Though I’d like to think that the part about being a terrorist was just a metaphor.

As Toushirou muttered, Flika tilted her head as if she suddenly thought of something.

“Speaking of which, are you two siblings or something?”


Toushirou and Shuuya both shot back viciously.

Without question, even Flika was startled and backed away.

“Flika, I can tolerate most things, but being told that I’m related by blood to this person is the one thing I will not stand for.”

“That’s right. If we were brothers, this guy would be working a lot more wholeheartedly.”

“If I were told the same thing next time, I might actually end up killing him.”

“You can say that again. ……Eh?”

Sensing Toushirou’s heartless malice, cold sweat started to trickle down Shuuya’s forehead.

Soon, Flika would have developed some sort of resistance to all of this. She laughed and said,

“Is it normal for people to live together even if they are not family?”

As soon as he was being told that, Toushirou casually didn’t feel like beating Shuuya up anymore.

Shuuya shrugged his shoulders as if nothing really happened.

“Well, I let him stay here, under the condition that he works in the shop and does all the chores.”

“Though we’re talking about being able to receive my pay on time.”

Even as he replied cynically, he was thankful to Shuuya for taking him under his wing.

—If not for it, he’d die a pathetic death before even looking for Fleu.

Even now, he would not have met Flika like this.

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