Order #2-5

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Order #2-5

Toushirou doubted his own ears.

“What do you mean?”

“Exactly what I said. Three years ago, I don’t know what she did, but was the one who turned Tokyo into what it is now.”

It was too sudden, and he was unable to bring himself to believe it.

—But, if there’s such a rumor, that would explain why she has been constantly targeted.

However, if that was the case, there was something strange.

“Hold on a moment. Is Flika a magic user?”

“Of course. If she wasn’t, there’s no way she’d be able to evade me, a magic user who has been chasing after her, to that extent.

“She said that she wasn’t a magic user herself……”

Hearing him mutter in shock, a triumphant look spread across the young girl’s face.

“You see? That girl is a liar.”

Being told that, Toushirou tilted his head in puzzlement.

—No, could it be that, she wasn’t lying?

He looked back at what Flika had said.

—There’s no way something like magic exists, is there?—

Although she did deny the existence of magic, she did not say that she wasn’t a magic user.

—Although it doesn’t make sense when she denies the existence of magic even though she’s a magic user.

It might be a little early to label her as a liar. ……Though rather than a liar, you could say that she’s pretty nasty.

The young girl continued haughtily.

“If she created Tokyo Ikai, she should be able to turn it back to the way it was. Please quietly hand her over.”

Hearing those words, Toushirou could not help but to sympathize with her.

—Well, if one’s a magic user, they would’ve have lost something here.

If being able to get it back is a possibility, it’s understandable to use any means to do so, just like during the day.

Even so, Toushirou shook his head.

“Even if the Ikai is restored to its original state, where’s the proof that what we have lost will come back to us?”

“—tch, why would I know anything about that? Besides that, if this place isn’t an Ikai anymore, there’s no reason to keep me trapped in here any longer. Doesn’t that mean we can go to the outside?”
Pretending to sympathize with her, he felt something was clearly off with what she said.

As the words he knew of a magic user, he could feel that there was something amiss.

—First things first, I’ll keep mum about the request for now.

Thought Toushirou, as he tried to figure it out, and he shook his head.

“Until she settles the repair fees, she’s our employee. Even if you told me all that, there’s no way I’ll just hand her over to you.”

“……tch, if that’s how it is, I’ll make you!”

The light of a magic square flashed from the young girl’s hands, and electricity started flowing out.

Although it’s hard to see it during the day, when magic users use their abilities, light from a magic square will be emitted. This is the reason as to why they were being called magic users.

“Didn’t you say that you have no intention of harming me?”

Letting out a sigh appallingly, Toushirou took out a pair of leather gloves from his back pocket. It was the fingerless kind. A metal logo of “Strada” was affixed onto the back of it.

It was given to him on a rare occasion by Shuuya for “Work use”, and had no lining and fit snugly onto his hands.

“A battle between Magic users starts by saying this.”

Mentioned Toushirou in advance as he announced.

“‘Strada’s’ barista, Yabuchi Toushirou, will be your opponent for this soirée.”

He took out a cubed sugar from his pocket.

Making a fist with his index finger pulling back his thumb, a circle of light spread around the cubed sugar.

“……tch, that light……you’re a magic user after all!”

The markings that appeared looked like strange letters and closely resembled the so called “Magic Square”.

“I don’t know, what magic you’re using, but lightning is a streak of light. It’ll be faster than anything you throw at me.”

Even though she was saying it with such confidence, she probably hasn’t forgotten that one time, during the day, where her magic was disabled.

Cautiously putting distance between them, she stuck out her hands.

A bluish white circle appeared, and lightning sparked from her hands.

“I’ll have you feel a little numb!”

Keeping track of Toushirou’s hands, the young girl waved her arm. Creating distorted tracks like that of a tree branch, streaks of light rained down.

Indeed, unlike the lightning spear that she showed him during the day, this attack has a wide range and is effective at dishing out simple hits.

Even by Toushirou’s standards, you could say that it was well thought out.

However, Toushirou was unfazed, staring fixatedly at the lightning.

—The effective range of the lightning, is at most about fifty meters, huh?

Toushirou had already jumped back nimbly, moving out of the range.


Eyes wide open with shock, the young girl proceeded to unleash a stream of lightning whilst looking at Toushirou’s feet.

At then, Toushirou used the street lamp right in front of him as a platform and escaped into the air.

Even the second stream was unable to touch him and just slammed into the ground.

“Wh, why…… Why will it not hit?”

To the young girl whose eyes were wide open in shock, Toushirou shook his head and said as if she was a failure.

“A magic user has no reason to reveal the nature of their magic, am I wrong?”

In actuality, even with the effect of Toushirou’s magic, there was absolutely no way that he could move faster than light.

—You, look too much at where you’re aiming.

For Toushirou, we could tell where she was aiming at just by following where she looks. On top of that, the movement she makes before she releases the lightning is big.

Even though the young girl’s magic has the speed of light, it doesn’t mean that the one using it can.

As long as you understand where she’s aiming at and when she’s going to shoot, it’s not that hard to avoid it.

Of course, he had no obligation to tell her so.

“Now then, it’s about time for me to take my turn.”

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