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He flung the sugar cube that was loaded onto his fingertip. A circle of light shone, and it shot out with the force of a bullet.

The young girl spread out her lightning into a wall to protect herself, but the cubed sugar zoomed past like an arrow and easily penetrated the branches of lightning.


The cubed sugar bounced right at her feet, and she let out a small yelp.

—……How do I put this? It kinda feels like I’m bullying someone.

An inexplicable feeling of guilt welled up inside him.

“Even though I told you sugar is an electrical insulator…..”

“Sh-Shut up! Shut up—?”

Screaming, a look of relief flashed across the young girl’s face.

“An electrical insulator?……I see. I now know the true nature of your magic.”


Toushirou only showed his magic to her once during the day and a second time in that attack. If she could see through it, this would mean that this young girl’s insight is not something to be taken lightly.

The young girl, struck out her index finger and said.

“You are, a sugar manipulator am I right?”

Saying so, she stuck out her chest, full of pride.

‘You manipulated sugar, and used it to defend against my lightning. That’s the only thing that I can think of.”

“If that’s the case I wouldn’t be a “Barista” but rather a “Patisserie”.”

Well, although it is a little close to manipulation.

Toushirou’s face was filled with astonishment and the young girl’s face turned bright red.

“~~, if that isn’t the case then what is it?”

The young girl started to wildly fire off electricity.

For the fact that she wasn’t aiming at anything, it was actually harder for him to avoid it than previously.

“If you’re going to do that, you won’t even be hitting the things that you are supposed hit you know?”

There wasn’t a need whatsoever to dodge everything. Toushirou hid behind the street lamp right next to him, streaks of lightning that came close to his body were being drawn away by the metal pole and just fizzled with a pop.

*POP* went the street lamp, and the young girl covered her head.


“Even though you’re the one who did it……”

Toushirou propelled the cubed sugar with his finger. This time, without infusing his magic into it; just with the strength of his finger.


It struck her forehead.


The young girl was about to shoot out lightning once more, but could not compare to the speed at which Toushirou shot the cubed sugar.

“Hol—Oww—Ahh, please stop—Hggh”

Shooting it four, five times just like that, the young girl covered her head and quieted down.

Starting to feel like he was playing the role of a villian, Toushirou stopped shooting.

—Even though her magic’s pretty strong……

Rather than the fact that she wasn’t using it well enough, or that she was lacking in experience, she was—


On top of that, overwhelmingly so.


At last he finally said out loud what he really thought, and the young girl yelled with a teary eyed expression.

Then, Toushirou suddenly realized.

“Could it possibly be that you became a magic user just recently?”


The young girl’s eyes widened.

“I see.”

Even now, there are occasionally some.

Even though they were away from Tokyo Ikai, if they had come into contact with the mist from three years ago, there is a possibility that they will become magic users after a period of time.

It only occurs when they lose something iimportant after coming in contact with the mist, such as losing their families in an accident or by sickness, or the disappearance of their home, or a group that they belonged to.

“So what? What are you trying to say?”

“No, it’s just that you were surprisingly weak, and your words and actions weren’t very like that of a magic user, so I thought that was the reason why.”

*BANG*, as electricity sparked off at the girl’s feet.

“O-Of course! Who would want to have such a power?! Even if you have this power, there isn’t anything good that comes out of it. Why is it only me, that has to be locked up in here?”

—It’s this aspect, where she isn’t very “magic-user” like……

There was also the fact that Toushirou used his magic on a newbie, or rather, an amateur, that made him feel bad.

“Next time, come over to the shop as a proper customer. If it’s just one cup as an apology, I can secretly give it to you on the house.”

“……Why? Don’t you guys want to get out?”

“Well, although that’s probably the feelings of those who are outside.”

Looking at her reaction, the young girl could have been tossed into this town without any relatives.

—Just because you lost it, do you intend to squat down over here and sulk?—

He recalled that just like when he too couldn’t tell what’s left and what’s right, there was someone who said this and extended their hand to him, and taught him how to use magic.

“It can’t be helped…… Follow me.”


“Do you intend to stand here and chat right after a soirée?”

Even though there weren’t many people, it wasn’t like there was no one around.

They were faced with many annoyed gazes from all over the place.

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