Order #1-2

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Order #1-2

A resounding “BANG!” and the window glass shattered.

“Uwahhh, what’s happening, what’s happening?”

Shuuya let out a scream and hid under the counter. Toushirou braced himself, using the tray as a shield, and speaking of Ageha, she was covering her favorite cup with both of her hands, trying to protect it.

Looking up, Toushirou became even more surprised.

In the wall of the shop facing towards the streets, there was a hole big enough for someone to just waltz through.

The disastrous scene could have been very well created by a car crashing into the shop, but unfortunately, nothing of that sort was in sight. The chilly winds from the outside blew into the shop mercilessly, reminding them of the reality that had happened.

“My, my shop is……”

Muttered Shuuya in pure shock after seeing what was in front of him. Before Toushirou could even pity him, this time, a figure jumped through the hole and into the shop. The figure was that of a young girl who looked like a white angel.


At first, Toushirou thought she had wings.

But they were something else. (you don’t say)

What he thought to be wings was actually her long hair. White, as thin as silk, and fascinatingly elegant.

She was only slightly bigger than Ageha and wore an oversized men’s jacket that didn’t suit her.

The young girl who jumped into the shop fell onto the floor with her body curled up such that her head was covered, and she rolled once across the floor before standing up. She then promptly kicked over a table that was directly beside her and slid into its shadow. Stuff like the menu and a bottle of sugar cubes that were on top of the table were all scattered across the floor.

And there, the young looked up as if she finally noticed Toushirou.

The young girl was hurt. Her clothes were torn here and there, and her porcelain skin was smeared with blood. Her breathing was rough, and he knew at once glance that she was running away from something.

He could see that the injured girl’s eyes where shaking, like she desperately needed help.

Her aquamarine eyes were so deep one would almost get sucked into them, and her pink vivacious lips were like ripened fruit. Her snow colored hair was so long that it covered her waist, and her skin was as smooth as silk.

She had a rather small frame, and from the looks of it she was probably about fifteen or sixteen.

Looking at her face, Toushirou’s heart started racing.


That was, without a doubt, a face that Toushirou recognized.

Almost as if she didn’t recognize who Toushirou was, the young girl raised her index finger and whispered “Shh—h”.

“—I won’t let you get away this time!”

Following the young girl, a new voice resounded with rage.

“What is it this time?”

As the furnishings in the shop begin to crumble, Shuuya hid under the counter once again, teary eyed. Speaking of Ageha, she was tapping her finger on the table, irritated because she was unable to drink some cocoa.

The next thing that jumped into the shop, was another girl.

She had straight red hair that reached her shoulders and almond shaped eyes reflecting her strong will. She was wearing a uniform from some school, probably because she was a high schooler.

In response to the new intruder, the white haired girl held her head as if she had a headache.

Quickly tucking away her hair, she timidly took a peek at the entrance of the shop, directly opposite the table. It seems that she wasn’t noticed by the other girl.

The other girl scanned the shop and then clicked her tongue, visibly irritated.

All of a sudden, streaks of light flew from her hand like an electrical discharge, accompanied by the sound of sizzling.

“……A magic user.”

Murmured Toushirou silently.

—Magic users—

Three years ago, after the disaster that happened in Tokyo, people wielding mysterious powers started to appear.

In the outside world, it is certain to be only one of the many fake urban legends.

In Tokyo Ikai, however, these aren’t something rare or special. They were an existence close to many, and also very real.

“You there, shop assistant. A white haired girl came in here didn’t she? Where’s she?”

“……Before that, could you kindly place an order? This is a café.”

Informed Toushirou with a firm attitude.

The young girl’s face started to twitch.

“You. Are you trying to make fun of me? This obviously isn’t the time for you to be saying something like that you know!”

“In other words, you’re broke?”


As if it had a consciousness of its own, the electricity flowing out from the young girl’s hand started to change its shape, spinning into a mass that seemed like a spear.

Then, right there, a startled look appeared on the young girl’s face.

Holding onto the spear of lightning, the young girl took a quick glance around the shop and this time, raised her index finger demanding them to not make a sound.


Toushirou tilted his head in confusion, and the young girl then raised her hand and nodded, as if she knew exactly what was going on.

Feeling that he shouldn’t move, Toushirou kept his mouth closed. Under the shadow of the table, the white haired girl covered her mouth and held her breath, though the other young girl didn’t seem to be looking in her direction.

Only Ageha was staring at her empty cup, feeling lonesome.

Pure silence, after all that destruction.

As if he could not bear it any longer, Shuuya whispered, ”Oi, Toushirou, what’s going on.”

“—There you are!”


The young girl threw her lightning spear. It hit the counter directly and created a hole, sending wooden splinters flying everywhere. Miraculously the whole place didn’t catch on fire, though Shuuya jumped up and let out a shriek.

Seeing that, the young girl let out a sound as if she was disappointed.


“Don’t you ‘Eh’ me! You’re trying to kill me or something?”

“N-No! I just wanted to help……”

Even though the young girl was waving both her hands, flustered, Shuuya only became more infuriated.

“Busting in here all of a sudden with magic, just who are you trying to help here? Don’t think that just because you’re a magic user you’ll get away with everything that you do. I’ll definitely have you pay for the repairs of my shop for turning it upside down!”

“Eh, EhEhEh? R-Repairs?”

It seemed that when he felt that his life was in danger, he became enraged instead.

Seeing the fearless side of Shuuya, completely different from how he was just before, even the young girl felt intimidated and backed down.

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