Order #1-3

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Order #1-3

—This guy is saying something like that of a master.

In that moment, Toushirou felt impressed, which he immediately regretted soon after.

“Take her out, Toushirou!”

“You’d better apologize to me who even took a moment and tried to get a better opinion of you.”

While continuing to sigh deeply, Toushirou looked at the white haired girl.

—She’s Fleu……right?

Giving the white haired girl a slight nod, Toushirou stepped out of the counter.

He stealthily hid a few cubes of sugar in his hand.

“Umm, you there.”

When Toushirou called out to her, the young girl seemed to have calmed down. She was taken aback, and turned to face Toushirou once again.

“If you aren’t a customer, could you please leave? You can forget about the repair fees.”

As he tried to talk to her as ordinarily as possible, careful not to agitate her untactfully, the young girl flew into a rage and her face reddened.

Once again, her hand was filled with lightning.

“You, you’re clearly making fun of me. If you aren’t being threatened, hurry up and hand her over. She’s—”

The lightning from her hand scattered, cutting the young girl off.

It wasn’t because she shot it. It dispersed regardless of her will to do so.

“—This is just a warning. The next time, I won’t miss.”

Trapping his thumb with his index finger, Toushirou clenched his fist as if he was flipping a coin.

On top of it however, wasn’t a coin, but a sugar cube.

“What, did you do?”

“Sugar is an electrical insulator. Electricity passes through salt water, but not through sugared water.”

Toushirou shot a cube of sugar into the lightning and disrupted it.

“Su—Sugar? You’re not…… a magic user?”

Toushirou didn’t answer.

Even though he tried to show it off threateningly, it was just a cube of sugar. Even if one would get hit directly by it, it didn’t have the power to maim, and at this level, if one were to practice, even a non-magic user could also pull this off.

Though it was uncertain how many of Toushirou’s words the young girl actually believed, the lightning was indeed disrupted.

The young girl backed off, grumbling.

“Y-You’ll regret this!”

“Or rather, you’re in a position where you’ll be sure to regret if you go on any further.”

As Toushirou looked at the young girl in disgust, she turned around and disappeared.

Seeing her go off, he breathed a sigh of relief.

—Somehow she left, thankfully.

Then, he turned around to see the white-haired girl poking her head out of the shadow of the table.

Resisting the impulse to run up to her and give her a hug even now, Toushirou simply smiled at her.

“Are you all right?”

“Eh, well……”

Though she had many small cuts, she wasn’t gravely injured. As the young girl nodded, a weight was lifted off Toushirou’s chest.

Then, as though he couldn’t bear it any longer, he kneeled down in front of the young girl and grabbed her shoulders.

“Where had you been, after all this while? I’ve been looking for you. Also, why were you being chased by a magic user?”

Lamented Toushirou, who was at the same time relieved despite everything he said. The young girl however, tilted her head and stared at him blankly.

“Umm…… Have we met?”


The young girl’s mouth twisted, and she gave a forced smile.

It was a fake smile quite unlike “her”, that he knew.

And then, the young girl quickly lowered her head.

“Anyway, thank you for saving me. My name is Flika. Is this where the odd job agency, “Strada” is located?”

Said the young girl, as if it was the first time they met.

There was a girl that Toushirou had been looking for.

Her name was Fleu.

She was a young girl from a foreign country who due to whatever reasons, was hospitalized in a general hospital near Toushirou’s vicinity, where they first met.

Though he never got her to tell him what illness she had, she was apparently hospitalized for a long period of time, and he visited frequently as her conversation partner.

Come to think of it, she was probably his first love.

Whether was it the face that she made when she was laughing, angry, or trying to coax him into doing something for her; whenever he saw her ever changing facial expressions, he felt like his heart was complete.

That was three years ago.

Since the day of the event that shook Tokyo to its core three years ago, she disappeared. Was she caught up in something, or was she swallowed by the “The Mist”?

Was she alive, or was she—

He wanted to see her again.

Even if they weren’t able to meet, he wanted to want happened to her.

Just anything would do. He wanted a lead that could allow him to confirm her existence.

Just that desire alone gave Toushirou the strength to carry on living.

Holding onto the possibility of finding news about her, Toushirou came to Tokyo Ikai.

—That girl, is she really not Fleu?

Flika said that she didn’t know Toushirou.

Though she blatantly flashed a forced smile, mysteriously, she didn’t seem as though she was lying.

Either she could be a different person all together, or she was so skilled at lying that Toushirou actually believed her…….Or it could be that she had completely forgotten about Toushirou.

The only things he felt were a small glimmer of hope and the very fear of that glimmer disappearing.

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