Order #1-8

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Order #1-8

Ah, ugh……it’s tight……

Identifying it as Flika’s voice, Toushirou peered into the lounge.

Inside, Shuuya was once again at the table and had a gravure magazine opened right in front of him. It seems that Flika still has not come out from the changing space inside.

“What was that sound?”

“Beats me. How the hell would I know?”

Somehow, when Toushirou called out to Shuuya, it was equivalent to him being labelled a pervert.

—Well, though if I was being called out by someone reading such a magazine in front of a girl, such a response too can’t be helped.

That being said, for just a change of clothes, something was off.

There wasn’t just the sound of the rustling of clothes; he could hear the sound of clattering as if something was being kicked around.

He then looked up at the top of the changing room without any particular reason.

Since it was being partitioned by lockers and shelves, there was nothing obstructing it near the ceiling. In that small gap, he could see something white moving.

Realizing what it was, both Toushirou’s and Shuuya’s eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Come on, just a little…… Ungh, the gun’s stuck. Ah, no, it’s gonna fall!”

The young girl’s lower half of her body was sticking out of the window at the top of the changing room.

Although it was a small window, the size of Flika’s body was such that she could somehow make it through. However, it seemed that the large number of guns stuffed into her coat was caught, causing her to be unable to get out.

From looking at the lower half of her body, she had apparently changed her clothes.

Toushirou pulled open the curtains of the changing room.
“Looks hard. Shall I lend a hand?”

“It’s…It’s fine. If only I didn’t have these guns, this wouldn’t happen!”

“Anyway, how about coming down and taking off your coat?”

“I see! As expected from Toushirou ku—n……”

Flika’s voice quickly trailed off.

—For her to attempt to escape just a few minutes after I took my eyes off her.

She was pretty ballsy unlike what her appearance suggests.

Flika slid down through the window frame and cleared her through.

“Ah, if it isn’t Toushirou kun. Do you need anything?”

“Yeah. I was wondering what you wanted to do with regards to finding your brother.”

“Umm…let’s see, I want you to look for my brother but even so, I don’t like to work so……”

The young girl winked as if to flaunt her attractiveness, but Toushirou’s heart was ice cold.

“I see. Anyhow, I see you’ve finished changing?”

“Yes. And it fits perfectly. How do I look?”

At that very spot, she turned a full circle.

Her skirt fluttered gently, and her pure white hair spread out like a curtain. The large ribbon coming from the back of her waist suited her perfectly.

She looked illusionary, but despite that Toushirou wasn’t moved.

“Yeah. You look great.”

“Fufufu, Toushirou kun you naught boy. Did I get you excited?”

“If I were to pick one, I’d say you got me irritated?”

Flika smiled widely—a brazen smile that one could tell that it is forced at a single glance, however—to which Toushirou smiled coldly in return.

Making such a bad joke and to share the same face as “her” on top of that, even Toushirou wanted her to stop.

In that violent clash of smiles, the one who first averted their eyes was Flika

“Ah. Haha…… Are you angry?”

“If I look that way, then I probably am.”

As Toushirou replied with a smile, Flika intertwined her fingers in front of her chest and became docile.

“Well then, next, would you mind learning how to make a panino? Oh and I’ll be taking care of that hazardous coat of yours. I finally got you to change so it’ll be pointless for you to wear that.”

“Kyaa, Toushirou kun you pervert! You can’t do that you know, stripping of a young maiden’s clothes.”

“I’ll be taking care of it.”

“Well, as a healthy young man, it’s not as if I do not understand your desire to take a peek at the secrets of a fleetingly lovely, young, beautiful girl or anyth—”

“I’ll be taking care of it.”

“No wait, umm……”

“I’ll be taking care of it.”


Looking at Toushirou’s smile that left no room for negotiation, it seemed that Flika quickly fell into resignation.

Taking hold of the coat that was handed to him grudgingly, Toushirou’s face contorted.

“……What on earth… just what did you cram inside this to make it this heavy?”

“To ask about a young maiden’s weight, that’s bad mannerisms right there Toushirou kun.”

“Something that stores this much of explosives is called an explosive warehouse. Please remember that.”

As he was about to put away the coat as it was, Flika yelled.

“Please wait Toushirou kun! If I don’t have my guns I…I have a disease where I’ll be plagued by insecurity as if I’ve been left in the plains of Siberia all alone.”

“There’s no fucking way such a disease exists! In the first place, even though you’re an amnesiac, how’d you know about Siberia?”

“When I put on the Siberian camouflage on my exterior, it has the effect of making it harder for my opponents to see their target.”

“To me, I can’t see what’s going on inside your head. Beside that, our guest is waiting. Please wash your hands—Shuuya san, I’ll be using the safe.”

Borrowing the key from Shuuya, Toushirou took the coat that was chock full with arms and threw it into the safe in the lounge. Since it was the type that was locked with a key, the only one who held onto it was the owner, Shuuya.

—As expected, it’s probably because even Shuuya san wouldn’t let the repair fees get welshed.

He probably wouldn’t do anything that would get Flika the keys due to his everyday negligence.

Seeing the fire arms being sealed away, Flika let out a sorrowful “Ahh”.

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